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sworn translations in Araba

Sworn Translations, Technical Translations, Interpreters

A sworn translation is done by translators who are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

All of our translators are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The translation is delivered on paper, with the signatures and stamps of a certified translation.

Our sworn translations are official translations done by a translator appointed by the Spanish MAEC. It will be a translation on paper, duly signed and stamped and completely valid. It needs no further stamp or additional legalisation. It can be presented as is (along with the original document) wherever it may be required.

You have to send us a copy of your document by e-mail:; or by fax: (+34) 945 563 864 or via WhatsApp (+34) 668 861 803.

We will send you a quotation within a maximum period of 1 hour and, once accepted, the sworn translation will be sent to your office/home within the agreed time by surface mail or courier service.

Ideally you should provide us (by email/fax) with a photocopy of the document that you need translated (including all of its stamps, endnotes, etc.).

We assess the document and will send you a quotation within 1 hour. We will also give you an estimate of when you can expect to receive your translation.

You accept our quote and provide us with your data: Nat. ID/VAT Nº, address, full name, telephone (confidentiality is guaranteed by Law - we comply with all regulations concerning protection of personal data).

At this point you also decide on the method of payment: You can pay in advance by bank transfer or PayPal or choose to pay cash on delivery, i.e. pay the courier when it is delivered.

You will receive your sworn translation within the agreed time frame at the address you have given us. The translation will be delivered to you by courier.

Send them by fax, photocopy all of documents (dark makes them more legible when sent by fax), and add one more page indicating the way you wish us to contact you again, you can also use this page to indicate your postal address (home or office) in order to save time.

We produce sworn translations done by translators who are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Send us a copy of all documentation by e-mail, fax or WhatsApp. We will send you a firm estimate within a maximum period of 1 hour.

After sending us your documents, you will receive an email with a detailed quotation, price, term, if sworn translation, method of payment, etc. If you agree with everything, you need only respond to the email indicating the address where you would like the courier to deliver the translation and the method of payment.

If you need the translation for a specific date, please tell us and we will confirm if delivery is possible for that date. Within Vitoria we can even deliver on the same day.

By bank transfer, cash on delivery or PayPal. In all cases advance payment to be paid in full is required. If the cost exceeds €100.00, you can pay 80% in advance and the remainder on delivery.

Cash on delivery incurs an additional €5.00 courier handling fee.

Under normal work conditions, standard documents (such as degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc.) are done within 24 hours. A further day should be added to this for delivery time to the customer.

We also do urgent work (same day and next day). Call us and tell us what you need.

If we set a date, we will do everything possible to have it ready by then. The delivery will always be made by courier, so you must be reachable in order to accept delivery.

No. We do not charge our customers delivery costs. The only exception is when the translation has to be dispatched with the utmost urgency. In which case a charge of €8.00 to €15.00 is made, depending on delivery time.

Under normal conditions the courier usually delivers throughout the day, although more frequently in the morning. You can also specify a delivery deadline, e.g. before 10:00, before 12:00, before 14:00 or before 19:00

No, it is not necessary. Send us a copy by fax, email or WhatsApp (preferably by e-mail, as these copies are easier to read) and the original stays with you. This is legal, correct and customary. The sworn translation will be delivered to you personally in an envelope and will be a translation on paper with the corresponding signatures and stamps of a certified translation.

All our data is on our webpage and in the quotation we send you. Our website bears the “Confianza Online” mark of trust, which shows that we are a genuine, reputable company. You can also pay cash on delivery.

Contact us and we will resolve the issue. It is essential for us that the translation is delivered within the agreed time frame.

Normal (non-urgent) courier delivery may take between 24 to 48 hours.

We will do everything possible to resolve any incident during delivery.

There is no legal requirement with regard to such. Having the translation on stamped or plain paper will not change anything at all in the course of your procedures.

Currently there is a tendency with sworn translations to remove the use of stamped paper (exclusive to notaries), allowing us to reduce the cost of the translation and even print on recycled paper.

It is a physical document, on paper. The paper used may be stamped or not. In addition to the translation of the corresponding document, the sworn translation will bear the signature and personal stamp of the translator who did it, as well as an affidavit on the veracity of the translation.

A sworn translation lacks nothing. If this is the case, try to ascertain what is missing from your original documents.

If the sworn translation is signed in Spain and is going to a different country, find out if it needs recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Consulate of the said country in Spain. Normally this is only required for documentation regarding the constitution of a company outside of Spain, in all other cases the sworn translation is usually accepted as is.